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Migration of Credit Decisioning Application from COBOL to Java

Operating across four continents, CRIF is a leading provider of retail credit management, lending support, and banking information solutions.

CRIF's COBOL Credit Decisioning Analysis application had undergone numerous functional and non-functional updates. The latest migration focuses on long-term maintainability by transitioning from COBOL to Java. SoftwareMining Translation ensured the functional correctness and performance of the Java application. The CRIF team managed translation, testing, and delivery, optimizing project timeline and costs.

"I would give this 5 stars" - CRIF Project Lead

ING Bank

ING Bank Migrates 1.5 Mill lines of Mainframe COBOL Application to Java for Cloud Deployment

ING Bank, a leading European financial institution, partnered with SoftwareMining for the extensive task of COBOL code refactoring and migration to Java. The project spanned 18 months, with a swift translation phase and a substantial focus on intensive testing. Notably, the project involved a meticulous comparison of over 2 billion transactions between the original Mainframe system and the new Java-based solution.

Both the translation and testing phases were expertly executed by the bank's staff, alleviating the need to send sensitive code or data off-site. This approach ensured autonomy, security, and efficiency throughout the project.

Decommissioning the ING mainframe was challenging. With SoftwareMining's assistance, the project was successful. We've been running smoothly on Linux since Feb 2022.
- ING Product Owner

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Verisk Insurance Services

NASDAQ-500 Index Member Uses SoftwareMining for In-House Translation of Mainframe COBOL to C# & Java

A leading insurance data analytics company, part of the S&P 500® and Nasdaq-500 Index, used SoftwareMining for the in-house migration of mainframe CICS Online and batch applications to both Java and C#. Approximately 40% of batch modules were converted to C#/.NET, while the rest went to Java. SoftwareMining also assisted in the migration of JCL scripts to Unix Shell scripts. The COBOL/CICS & BMS code was translated to Java/JSP.

The teams have been using the SoftwareMining based solution for a while in production and it has proven to be very stable. A testament to the quality of the solution ... SoftwareMining was instrumental in the successful migration, off the mainframe.

Project Sponsor

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Whirlpool Migrates COBOL Application to Java/Private Cloud

World-renowned household appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool, partnered with SoftwareMining as a part of a cost-cutting exercise. This move saw Whirlpool's batch COBOL application being translated to Java.

The main benefits included the ability to use the existing shared Unix servers to run the translated Java application. This move allowed for the decommissioning of the mainframe, thus reducing dependency on legacy languages and skill sets.

In total, SoftwareMining translated around 50,000 lines of JCL as part of the process.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Texas DFPS Successfully Migrates Microfocus COBOL Application to Java

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services collaborated with SoftwareMining for the translation of their COBOL application. This application interfaced with a regional database using Embedded SQL. Leveraging SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter, the application was transitioned to Java. Testing and deployment were expertly managed by MCorp, a seasoned systems integrator with a niche in legacy modernization.

One notable challenge was the presence of intricate SQL statements in the system, which required conversion from COBOL to Java Dialect. Despite this complexity, the challenge was adeptly navigated, resulting in the system being translated and operational in a short span of six months.


CGI Transforms 3 Financial COBOL Applications to Java with SoftwareMining's Translator

CGI, a leading IT firm, harnessed the power of SoftwareMining's Translator to migrate three critical financial COBOL applications into Java. Following the migration, these applications were licensed and made available to CGI's extensive global clientele.

Through this strategic transformation, CGI achieved the ability to deliver these applications to clients without incurring any additional runtime expenses. Furthermore, they gained the flexibility to seamlessly integrate these applications with other systems and transition from indexed files to efficient relational databases as required. Importantly, the move to Java expanded their access to a wider pool of talent for application management and development.

TransUnion Corps

TransUnion's Successful Migration from TANDEM COBOL to Java

Originally implemented in Tandem COBOL in the 1990s, TransUnion's Credit Reference and Credit Report Processing systems eventually approached the end of their operational lifecycle. Instead of merely porting and upgrading, TransUnion made a strategic decision to migrate these systems to Java.

The outcome was lauded by the company's Enterprise Architect: "The results were excellent. This massive undertaking was a success primarily due to SoftwareMining. We couldn't have achieved this without their expertise. The new system has been flawless with zero production outages and no defects identified."

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Information Analytics Incorporated

IAI Partners with SoftwareMining for COBOL to Java Migration

Information Analytics Incorporated (IAI), serving as a systems integrator for a state-level government body in the U.S., collaborated with SoftwareMining for an IBM COBOL CICS VSAM conversion to Java Oracle.

This collaborative project encompassed the transformation of IBM CICS online and batch applications into Java. Concurrently, IAI took on the task of converting the associated JCL to PERL scripts. Additionally, SoftwareMining played an instrumental role during the testing and delivery stages of this expansive project.

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Revenue Services Corps

Régime Social des Indépendants Achieves Flawless COBOL to Java Migration

Régime Social des Indépendants, an arm of the French Social Security office, entrusted SoftwareMining's conversion solutions for transitioning their COBOL application to Java. The initiative was met with widespread acclaim, ensuring uninterrupted services and achieving a perfect migration, all at a significantly lower cost than a full rewrite.

Key to maintaining seamless operation, the EXTCALC module was deftly transformed from COBOL to Java utilizing SoftwareMining's advanced COBOL to Java conversion tool. This approach not only facilitated the deployment of the EXTCALC module without alterations but also paved the way for the creation of interfaces (web services) with complete iso-functionality. The translation process yielded a 100% accurate result, ensuring no regression whatsoever.

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State of Maine Tax Office

Maine Tax Office Successfully Refactors IBM Mainframe COBOL to Java with SoftwareMining Translator

The State of Maine's tax system, initially developed in COBOL and employing CICS and DB2 on zOS, encountered difficulties integrating with modern IT tools. Challenges included switching functions, sharing data with contemporary desktop utilities, and the overall agility to accommodate changes and enhancements. SoftwareMining played an integral role in navigating these complexities.

K Peterson from Maine Revenue Services remarked:

"The transformation program has been immensely beneficial. Beyond meeting our financial and maintenance objectives, we've enhanced user productivity, resulting in a superior service for Maine's citizens."
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Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal Successfully Migrates Mainframe COBOL Application to Java in Three Months

Bank of Montreal turned to SoftwareMining when they recognized the outdated nature of their back-office applications, which were developed in COBOL/DB2 in the 1990s. Although these applications underwent regular updates to match evolving business needs, they remained among the last still operating on the IBM mainframe. This prompted the bank to invest in transitioning from COBOL to Java, leveraging SoftwareMining's expertise.

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Schober Group

Schober Slashes Runtime License and Development Tool Expenses

Germany's Schober Information Group, a foremost player in direct-mail processing solutions, achieved a seamless transition from COBOL to Java by leveraging SoftwareMining technologies. This migration allowed Schober to significantly cut down on runtime license and development tool expenditures. The company utilized SoftwareMining's 'CORECT' platform solution, ensuring the seamless integration of automation tools within their IT development environment, ensuring top-tier results.

"Thanks to this unique strategy, we transitioned to cost-effective, modern, and well-structured JAVA code," remarked Stefan Trabert, CIO of Schober Group.
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