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A Comprehensive Guide to COBOL Migration Strategy

Modernizing mainframe and COBOL applications is essential to remain competitive in the contemporary business landscape. Our COBOL refactoring project management and planning tools are designed to assist in this transition.

We bring extensive experience in modernizing mainframe systems, offering a comprehensive roadmap to assist our clients in the refactoring journey. The process begins with a meticulous analysis of the current system, considering its architecture, codebase, and functions. Based on this, we formulate a robust plan for refactoring, which includes pinpointing sets of interdependent programs and datasets to be refactored concurrently.

This video presents insights from our work in migrating client COBOL applications to Java and C#. It emphasizes the management of costs and risks in such projects. Moreover, it underscores how the correctness, accuracy, and maintainability of the converted code can significantly influence the duration and intensity of the testing phase, which often forms a substantial part of project expenses.

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