Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

Insurance Case Study: Refactoring Mainframe COBOL to & C#

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The teams have been using the SoftwareMining based solution for a while in production and it has proven to be very stable. A testament to the quality of the solution ... SoftwareMining was instrumental in the successful migration, off the mainframe.
Project Sponsor
November 2023

SoftwareMining's conversion tools were used to refactor IBM Z-Series Mainframe COBOL applications partly into Java and partly into C#/.NET. The transition was seamlessly deployed on the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, highlighting the evolution of legacy systems into cloud-native applications.

Refactoring of COBOL code and testing processes were meticulously managed by the company's in-house team, in tandem with their System Integrator. This collaboration ensured they retained complete autonomy over project timelines and budgeting, guaranteeing a tailored transition that best suited their organizational needs.

Of the batch modules modernized, approximately 40% transitioned to C# within the .NET framework, while the remainder made the leap to Java. SoftwareMining's Translator was instrumental not just in the core application migration but also facilitated the translation of JCL (Job Control Language) scripts into Unix Shell scripts, reinforcing the breadth of its capabilities.

For online functionalities, the legacy COBOL/CICS & BMS code underwent a transformation to Java/JSP. Once modernized, it was deployed using the robust Apache-Tomcat server, subsequently hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud. This strategic move showcased the shift from traditional mainframe to contemporary, scalable web-based applications, enhancing accessibility and performance.

Database Transition: A Two-Pronged Approach

In an additional phase of the project, there was a concerted effort to migrate the database systems. The DB2 database, initially serving the COBOL applications, was transitioned to Postgres to support the Java modules, and Microsoft SQL Server was chosen for the C#/.NET components. This strategic division optimized performance and compatibility for the modernized applications, ensuring a smooth user experience and streamlined backend processes.

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