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Schober reduces runtime license and development tool costs

German company, Schober Information Group, successfully completed an automatic COBOL to Java migration using SoftwareMining technologies.

Through the migration of their legacy application to Java, the company - a leading provider of direct-mail processing solutions - substantially reduced run-time license and development tool costs within their organization. Using SoftwareMining's ‘CORECT' platform solution, the consultancy services organization was able to integrate the automation tool flow into the IT development environment to deliver high quality results.

Operational concerns regarding ongoing Mainframe support costs and maintainability of the current COBOL development environment, led the management team to consider alterative platform solutions. Schober needed a combined modernization and services solution that would address the transformation, testing and integration requirements of their legacy COBOL program, while leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience in JAVA program development.
A key factor in the decision was the productivity gains achieved by deploying the SoftwareMining artificial intelligence based language-translation tool flow
Stefan Trabert, CIO Schober Group
This unique approach enabled Schober to adopt a cost effective transformation strategy that delivered modern and structured JAVA code, while substantially reducing the run-time license and development tool costs associated with alternative re-hosting technology solutions
S. Trabert, CIO Schober Group.
Innovative language-translation technologies enabled our IT consultancy team to deliver rapid and cost effective modernization solutions, in just a few weeks we were able to transform legacy COBOL application code into highly legible and maintainable JAVA systems. The CORECT platform delivered excellent results, enabling us to focus our engineering effort on development and integration of new direct-mail processing solutions
B. Auer, CIO bA Information Consulting GmbH

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