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Régime Social des Indépendants Achieves 100% Accurate COBOL to Java Migration

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Régime Social des Indépendants (RSI), a crucial segment of the French Social Security system, provides essential social protection to over 5.6 million policyholders, including professionals, merchants, and service providers. When the need arose to modernize their system, RSI turned to SoftwareMining's advanced COBOL to Java conversion solutions. The resulting migration was heralded as a sweeping success, enhancing functionality without service disruptions, all achieved cost-effectively.

RSI's overarching goal was the creation of a new, unified application that remained true to the original—preserving the policyholder database and existing batch processing procedures. An integral component of this initiative was the EXTCALC module, responsible for real-time retirement rights calculations. This module underwent a seamless transformation from COBOL to Java using SoftwareMining's state-of-the-art conversion tools. The resulting code quality provided RSI with the dual benefits of enhanced functionality and maintainability, perfectly suited for the hands of their Java/JEE developers.

TELEBIG, a distinguished French legacy modernization expert and RSI's strategic partner, played a pivotal role in this modernization journey. With their rich legacy of contributing to the migration of the Retirement Application from the Bull GCOS7 platform (featuring COBOL, IDSII, Mantis) to the unix (AIX)/Oracle environment, TELEBIG efficiently managed the COBOL to Java conversion leveraging SoftwareMining's robust toolset and services.

SoftwareMining's innovative methodologies ensured that the EXTCALC module integrated flawlessly with other components, achieving 100% iso-functionality. The translated module was spot-on with no regressions, and its integration into SIPRES by Bull was executed without a hitch.

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