Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

The State of Maine's Triumph Over Tax System Integration Challenges with SoftwareMining

Rooted in COBOL with dependencies on CICS and DB2 on zOS, the State of Maine's tax system showed its limitations. Incompatibilities with modern IT solutions led to persistent integration problems and inefficiencies in data sharing and system navigation. As the urgency for adaptability and system enhancements grew, SoftwareMining stepped in, guiding the state through its challenges.

"We are seeing profound advantages from this modernization initiative. Beyond achieving cost and maintenance targets, our teams are markedly more efficient, paving the way for improved service to Maine's citizens." - K Peterson, Maine Revenue Services

A Decade of Seamless Operation

Since its launch in 2009, the Java-based system, translated from its original COBOL, has been operational and performing flawlessly without any reported issues. This decade-long track record of excellence stands as a potent testament to the success of the modernization initiative and the robustness of the solutions provided by SoftwareMining.

The Maine Dilemma

Intent on elevating service standards for its taxpayers and curbing IT costs, the state embarked on an evaluation journey. The tax system, a relic from the mid-1990s, was tethered to outdated technology. The dwindling pool of COBOL-trained professionals, thanks to the shift in academic curriculum towards languages like Java and C#, threatened the state's competitive edge in the IT recruitment space.

Project Overview

Faced with alternatives—manually rewriting code, adopting new software, or rejuvenating their COBOL infrastructure—the state recognized the pitfalls of the first two. Manual rewrites were time-intensive and error-prone, while new software meant sacrificing existing customizations and grappling with steep learning curves. With SoftwareMining, the state transformed its COBOL-based system into an agile and maintainable Java framework, preserving essential functionalities. Collaborating with System Integrator Revenue Solutions Inc. (RSI) and supported by the Maine Office of Information Technology, the project's four phases saw the successful conversion of 600 programs, catering to 250 online users.

Project Outcomes

The migration unfolded smoothly, ensuring all enhancements from the legacy system were retained. System familiarity simplified testing, resulting in cost efficiencies. Maine Revenue Services' projections placed the project's cost at a staggering 70% below that of a system replacement. Additionally, the transformation approach sidestepped extensive retraining, accruing further savings. SoftwareMining's prowess facilitated a seamless modernization without compromising on functionalities, positioning Maine Revenue Services to achieve and exceed their objectives. In a landscape where legacy system upkeep consumes over 70% of IT budgets, Maine's proactive approach catalyzed significant savings while amplifying IT and service delivery standards.

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