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JCL to Java and C# Conversion Overview

Job Control Language (JCL) is a mainframe scripting language used for preparing data files and initiating application programs. Due to its unique statements and syntax, JCL may pose challenges for developers well-versed in Java, C#, MS Windows, and Unix. Thus, one primary goal of the translation process is to produce more readable scripts.

Key JCL Translation Considerations

SoftwareMining offers JCL script conversion to Unix shell scripts or MS Windows batch files. These resultant scripts are tailored to execute the SoftwareMining translated Java or C# applications. Nonetheless, some modifications might be needed for compatibility with migrated COBOL applications. Prominent mainframe utilities like SORT (DFSORT), COPY, IDCAMS, and core ICETOOL functions are supported within the SoftwareMining framework libraries. These are optimized to integrate seamlessly with the translated applications and data. Additionally, the system facilitates the transition from EBCDIC to ASCII for data files and vice versa.

For effective timing and runtime scheduling of these scripts, integration with system utilities like Unix CRON or MS Schedule Task is necessary.

SoftwareMining provides Java implementation of the following JCL Functions / Utilities:

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