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Migrating from Micro Focus COBOL to Java/C#

As the technological landscape evolves, many organizations are exploring the migration from Micro Focus COBOL, a long-standing pillar in the programming world, to modern platforms like Java and C#. This shift, driven by the need for more flexible, scalable, and secure IT infrastructures, is increasingly relevant in an era where cloud-based solutions and advanced integration capabilities are paramount. Notably, the transition from Micro Focus COBOL, with its substantial licensing fees and complexity, to more contemporary languages promises not just cost savings but also a significant leap in technological agility and future-readiness.

While alternatives like OpenCOBOL (now known as GnuCOBOL) provide an open-source route, our experience shows that they fall short in addressing the ongoing challenges of evolving legacy COBOL applications. A few of our clients who initially chose these open-source paths have ultimately found that such solutions do not sufficiently meet their needs for modernization. Consequently, a shift to Java and C# emerges as a more sustainable, progressive choice, effectively addressing the need for modern features and a dynamic development environment.

Technical Insights: Migrating Standard COBOL 85 Applications

A significant number of Micro Focus COBOL applications, particularly those originally developed for IBM systems, are built in accordance with the COBOL 85 standards. These applications typically follow standard COBOL application development practices, presenting unique challenges and opportunities in the migration process. Our upcoming discussion delves into the technical nuances of these migrations, providing insights and best practices for a smooth transition. For such cases, the following resources might be more relevant:

However, some applications were originally designed using Micro Focus client-server architecture. This article will delve deeper into such applications, highlighting the unique features they offer, such as enhanced screen handling, library wrapping for operating system calls, and the utilization of Object-Oriented COBOL.

Micro Focus COBOL Specific Translation Challenges:

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