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Mainframe Modernization: Transforming IBM (CICS) COBOL to Java & C# Cloud

Transitioning from IBM Z/Os Mainframe COBOL applications to modern programming languages like Java or C# on cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure offers strategic advantages. Key among them is scalability, allowing businesses to adapt to fluctuating workloads without major upfront infrastructure investments. The shift is especially critical given the dwindling expertise in legacy technologies like COBOL and CICS. Migrating to Java or C# also enhances security, reduces operational risks, and aligns with the robust, constantly updated environment of cloud platforms. This transition not only provides access to a larger talent pool but also enables businesses to leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks to remain competitive.

Case Study: ING Bank migrates from IBM Mainframe COBOL to Java Cloud

SoftwareMining's transition of IBM Z/Os applications to Java/C# aims to enhance long-term maintainability by:

This approach empowers new Java/C# developers, unfamiliar with CICS, to handle the long-term upkeep of the newly translated Java/C# applications.

Click here for a compilation of the most popular and supported CICS API.

Essential Components in moving CICS COBOL to Java or C#

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