Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

About SoftwareMining: Pioneers in COBOL to Java and C# Conversion

Decades of Expertise in COBOL Conversion and Refactoring

Established as industry leaders, SoftwareMining has been offering unparalleled COBOL to Java and C# conversion and refactoring tools since the early 2000s. Our journey began with our first major success when a Java translation for a US State went live in 2006 - a testament to our expertise, this solution is still in production today.

SoftwareMining has been at the forefront of COBOL to Java or C#/.NET conversion since 2001, dedicating over 80 man-years of development to create advanced conversion tools. Leveraging a background in Artificial Intelligence, our COBOL translator employs a range of AI techniques, from heuristics to pattern matching, to convert COBOL into highly maintainable Java or C# code.

SoftwareMining's translation tools are expertly crafted for converting COBOL to object-oriented languages such as Java and C#. Unlike tools geared towards re-hosting from Mainframes to Microfocus, our specialization emphasizes features vital to Java and C# developers. This includes object orientation, code reuse, runtime performance enhancements, and seamless cloud deployment, be it on AWS, Azure, or other platforms.

Explore our COBOL Migration Success Stories - SoftwareMining's history since 2006.