Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

COBOL Translation, Analysis & Documentation Tool Overview

Designed to simplify the migration of COBOL applications to Java and C#, SoftwareMining provides a single utility for managing in-house migrations to Java or C#, eliminating the need to send code or data off-site.

The SoftwareMining tool achieves this by offering the following facilities in one integrated solution:

Designed for in-house use, SoftwareMining's Toolkit enables organizations to take control of timelines and costs by keeping the project internal.

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SoftwareMining COBOL to Java & C# Translation Toolkit in Action:

SoftwareMining Translating & Documenting COBOL Programs

What does the runtime of a translated Mainframe application look like?

Run the migrated application yourself.

SoftwareMining Translating & Documenting COBOL Programs

How does the translation of COBOL look?

Comparing COBOL to translated Java
Comparing COBOL to translated C#
Comparing CICS data access API to Java
COBOL + BMS in Java and C#

Video overview of SoftwareMining transition tool

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