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Mainframe COBOL to Java and C# - Translation Tools

To date over 31 Million Lines of COBOL have been Translated, Tested and Deployed,
(countless more lines have been analysed and documented)

Move your mainframe COBOL applications to Java/C# using your team and keep costs, risks and schedule under your control by managing the project inhouse.

SoftwareMining licenses the COBOL Conversion Tools directly to end-users, allowing our Fortune 500 clients to migrate their legacy COBOL applications without sending any code or data offsite.

SoftwareMining's Translator leverages AI techniques to reduce or even remove many legacy architectures from your systems, to produce Cloud ready code maintainable by new Java & C# developers.

Benefits of SoftwareMining's Solutions

  • Accurate and reliable translations lower project costs by reducing the need for testing phases
  • Generation of performance-optimised codes
  • Support for JCL, CICS, BMS, IMS, MFS
  • Mature solutions with a strong portfolio of success stories

COBOL Migration Project Management and Planning - A 10 minute guide

Video Topics:

  • 00:13 Intro: Establishing Credibility
  • 00:51 Automatic code conversion vs Manual Rewrite
  • 02:08 Testing the new System
  • 03:22 Data Migration
  • 05:28 Cost Breakdown
  • 07:02 Benefits
  • 07:49 Online applications: Screen Handling

COBOL to Java / C# White Papers and Articles:

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