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Over 33 Million Lines of COBOL have been Translated, Tested and Deployed

SoftwareMining specializes in COBOL translation tools, licensed directly to end-clients and/or Systems-Integrator. This allows the translation / refactoring process to be completed using internal teams, keeping costs, risks and schedule under tight control.
The approach also better meets security requirements as no code or data needs to be sent offsite.

SoftwareMining's COBOL Refactoring Tool applies many clean-up processes to produce cloud ready code, maintainable by new Java & C# developers.

Success Stories

CRIF COBOL to Java                   ING modernizes mainframe CICS COBOL to Java                   CGI migrates 3 COBOL apps to Java                   Verisk moves Mainframe code to Java and C#/.NET                   Whirlpool moves from COBOL to Java                   TransUnion Converts COBOL to Java                   Texas DFPS moves COBOL application to Java                   State of Maine Migrates of COBOL tax application to Java                  

COBOL to Java / C# White Papers and Articles:

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