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COBOL to Java & C# Conversion Tools

SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java/C# Conversion Tool reduces project costs by lowering testing phase efforts and by the project to be performed onsite using your own resources. Additionally, using AI techniques the conversion tool reduces/removes many of "legacy" architectures and dependencies from the system to produce Cloud ready code maintainable by new java/C# developers.

Why SoftwareMining

  • Use your own or SI resources (see existing SI partners)
  • Accurate, reliable and legible translation lowers project costs by reducing testing phase
  • Generating performance optimized code
  • Mature Solutions: See success stories
  • Support for JCL, CICS, BMS, IMS, MFS

COBOL Migration White Papers and Articles:

Who uses SoftwareMining

Leading insurance data analytics company selects SoftwareMining for DB2 COBOL to Java, and JCL to Unix Shell Scripts
COBOL to Java 1.4 million lines of mainframe in 3 months for one of largest of US banks
COBOL to Java, VSAM KSDS to SQL Database
IBM Z/OS COBOL to Java & JCL to Unix shell scripts
CGI migrates 3 COBOL applications to Java
Texas Department of Family Protective Services conversion of COBOL/SQL to Java/SQL
Bank of Montreal migrates COBOL/ SQL application to Java
State of Maine Tax Office conversion of CICS COBOL application to Java
TransUnion migrates Tandem Credit Processing application from COBOL to Java
UNISYS conversion of financial application from COBOL to C#
CA-IDEAL COBOL to C# - detailed evaluation completed successfully over 3 months

Download COBOL to Java / C# Conversion Tool  (Release date: 2019-08-19)

View translation examples:    COBOL to Java    COBOL to C#   CICS/BMS statements

COBOL Migration Project Management and Planning - A 10 minute guide

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