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TransUnion migrates TANDEM COBOL credit processing application to Java

As TransUnion's credit reference processing and credit report processing systems came to the end of their lives, a strategic decision was made to re-platform to Java, rather than port and upgrade. The result, in the words of the consumer credit reporting agency's Technical Lead on the project, was excellent.
We could not have completed this project without it. We have had zero production system outages caused by the new system and there have been no defects found. This was a huge effort and successful because of SoftwareMining.
The applications consisted of more than 200 programs, half online and half batch. Upon completion of the project, TransUnion's Technical lead on the project, Mr A.G. was kind enough to supply the following review:
There were far less compilation errors than we planned for and the initial two months of COBOL to Java conversion shook out many issues. Very few occurred after that phase.
The cost benefits as a result are too many to list, but primarily there are now more in-country resources available for support, the hardware and licensing model is much cheaper, and other internally developed platforms will be able to integrate seamlessly

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