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Transitioning VSAM & Indexed-Files to SQL in Java & .NET Modernization

In today's digital landscape, data drives decision-making and innovation. Whether it's leveraging data-mining applications to identify patterns, adhering to legislative mandates for transparent governance, or accommodating the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT), the emphasis is on data accessibility. However, harnessing VSAM data from mainframes presents challenges. Historically, to access mainframe data, a comprehensive manual system redesign was required, substituting VSAM APIs with embedded SQL queries – a time-consuming and intricate task.

Cloud Integration Post-Migration

Upon successful migration of the application to Java or C# and the data to an SQL database, the system is primed for transition to cloud platforms, be it IBM BlueMix, Microsoft Azure, private clouds, or other cloud services.

SoftwareMining offers a seamless transition from COBOL to Java/C# with the following features:

SoftwareMining's solution inherently supports the migration from VSAM to SQL as part of its COBOL to Java transformation, enhancing the efficiency and value of the modernization process.

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