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Datafile Strategies for Migrating from COBOL to Java and C#

SoftwareMining's strategy for migrating from COBOL to Java and C# ensures that SQL databases and Sequential files are retained. In contrast, VSAM and Indexed Files undergo transformation into an Object-Relational architecture and are then incorporated into SQL databases.

Below is the detail of this migration approach:

Multiple File-Definition for the Same Datafile

Multiple programs within an application might designate varied structures (FILE-DEFINITION) for the same datafile. This method works for Files but poses challenges when delineating database columns. Manually amalgamating such structures can be tedious and prone to errors. Automated identification and reconciliation of these definitions can be a cornerstone of successful migration projects.

Performance Focus

Batch programs are often time-bound. Therefore, performance significantly shapes the design of the migrated Java or C# code. Factors greatly influencing the performance of migrated code include:

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