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Bank OF Montreal modernizes its back-office applications in just three months

COBOL To Java - Project Review
Rating: 5 out of 5
We give Software Mining 10 out of 10 for the conversion and support we received
Bank's Technical Project lead
January 20th 2010

COBOL / DB2 to Java Conversion of a batch application for of one of the top 4 Canadian banks. The applications and the associated DB2 was one of the last applications still running on the IBM Mainframe. The original and the translated application needed frequent updates to reflect the banks changing business requirements. This put a great deal of importance on the legibility and maintainability of the translated code.

The Problem with legacy code

The Bank of Montreal enjoyed a successful project with SoftwareMining after realising that its back-office applications were too outdated. Its applications were implemented in COBOL/DB2 in the 1990s, primarily as batch applications while being updated frequently to reflect changing business requirements. The applications were one of the last ones to still be running on the IBM mainframe, leading to substantial investment into a conversion from COBOL to Java with the help of SoftwareMining. As one of the top four Canadian banks, there was a great deal of importance placed on this conversion and indeed the legibility and maintainability of the translated code. The project's requirements hinged on generating maintainable Java which would be legible to developers with little or no training.

The Solution

SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java conversion service allowed the Bank's resources to concentrate on test, maintenance and enhancement of the new application. During the translation process the COBOL programs underwent frequent changes, all of which were rapidly re-translated to Java. Bank's Java development staff were utilised for build, maintenance, deployment, and testing phases. This resulted in the benefit of retaining the Bank's legacy COBOL staff in Java. Their involvement was essential in the testing phase.

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