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COBOL to Java & C# Translation Tools and Services

SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java and C# conversion tools have been used since 2006 to provide successful migration of many government and financial organizations. The ability to generate highly maintainable code as well as support for transaction processors such as CICS and IMS, are some of the reasons why many System's Integrators as well as End-Users choose SoftwareMining.

Why SoftwareMining

  • Perform project onsite using your own resources
  • Mature Solutions. See COBOL to Java and C# Success Stories
  • No runtime license fees
  • Generating performance optimized code
  • Accurate, reliable and legible java/C# code reduces testing phase: the most expensive part the project

Products And Services

Who uses SoftwareMining

COBOL to Java migration for one of largest of US banks by WIPRO
COBOL to Java migration (Whirlpool)
IBM Z/OS COBOL and JCL to Java by NTTData
HCL to offer COBOL to Java migration services using SoftwareMining technology
CGI migrates 3 ESQL COBOL to Java
COBOL to C# Migration of financial application for UNISYS
COBOL to Java Conversion for Texas Department of Family Protective Services.
COBOL Embedded SQL to Java Conversion migration for Bank of Montreal
CICS COBOL to Java migration for State of Maine Tax Office
Tandem COBOL to Java of TransUnion's Credit Processing application.

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