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About SoftwareMining

Translating client COBOL code from 2006.
First major java translation went live in 2006 and still running in production

SoftwareMining started developing COBOL to Java or C#/.NET since 2001 (over 80 man years of development). With a background in Artificial Intelligence, SoftwareMining's COBOL translator uses many AI techniques (from heuristics to pattern matching) to translate COBOL to highly maintainable Java or C# code.

The company's Translation tools has been custom made for moving from COBOL to an Object Oriented language such as Java and C#, and never aimed at re-hosting (Mainframe to Microfocus). This has freed us to focus on aspects of translation which Java and C# development teams would like to see: from object orientation and code reuse to runtime performance optimisations.

Only after many years of pure R&D did SoftwareMining focus on commercial aspects. Since 2006 we have been involved in many successful translation projects; our translation tools maturing each step of the way.

Translation Count (Jan 2023 )

To date, 33 Million Lines of COBOL, BMS and JCL code have been translated to Java/C#, JSP/ASP and Unix Shell-scripts using SoftwareMining tools.

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