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Press-Release April 2010

COBOL to Java transformation now supported on IBM z/OS and System z

SoftwareMining announces support of IBM z/OS and System z using JDK 1.4.2 to 1.6

Guildford– April 2009 SoftwareMining, a leading provider of tools and services for the automated conversion of legacy COBOL applications into Java and C#, today announces the availability of COBOL to Java Transformation for IBM z/OS and System z using JDK 1.4.2 to 1.6. Customers wishing to move from COBOL to Java now have the option of remaining on the mainframe platform.

Running Java on System z can significantly reduce the costs of running Java -oriented applications using the Application Assist Processor (zAAP). For Java workloads, zAAPs may enable customers to:

As Java technology continues to permeate the enterprise, the ability to seamlessly integrate Java into existing z/OS batch subsystems and schedules is considered key to its wide-scale adoption. With this announcement, mainframe clients are able to move away from legacy languages into modern development using Java and Object-Orientation, while continuing to take advantage of the stability and scalability of the System z platform.

About SoftwareMining

Background: SoftwareMining Solutions for Enterprise Legacy Modernization According to industry analysts many organizations spend more than 70% of their IT budget on non-value add support of their legacy systems and infrastructure. In particular, legacy applications are inhibiting business flexibility and profitability; they are difficult to maintain, enhance and cost-control. Many organizations are looking to get better value from their IT spend. Already many business projects are constrained by the ability to adapt these legacy systems to support new initiatives. SoftwareMining is focused on enabling this business agility by modernizing legacy systems and allowing more investment in value-added IT.

COBOL was the first widely applied commercial computer programming language, having been developed in the late 1950s and celebrating its 50th birthday in 2009. It is, no longer widely taught at Universities and many of the original programmers are now retiring. With this diminishing pool of COBOL development resources the maintenance of COBOL systems is reaching crisis point.

SoftwareMining has developed a set of tools and services for the automated conversion of COBOL legacy IT applications into Java and C#. Our focus is to help you deploy modernized systems in months not years and to deliver this on a modernized platform from day one. While some alternative approaches will deploy legacy COBOL applications on a different hardware platform, they will not enable a foundation to maintain the application code effectively in that environment.

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