Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

COBOL Translation and Refactoring - Project Management and Planning - A 10 minute guide

The following video covers our experiences gained from helping to migrate client COBOL applications to Java and C#. The primary focus is management of costs and risk associated with such projects. It outlines how correctness, accuracy and maintainability of the translated code can have major impact on the length and level of testing phase, which is often the largest contributor to project costs.

Video Topics:

  • 00:13 Intro: Establishing Credibility
  • 00:51 Automatic code conversion vs Manual Rewrite
  • 02:08 Testing the new System
  • 03:22 Data Migration
  • 05:28 Cost Breakdown
  • 07:02 Benefits
  • 07:49 Online applications: Screen Handling

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