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2016 March

Wipro - Migrating banking Client's application from COBOL to Java for deployment on Cloud

Wipro is one of the largest System integrators with over 175,000 employees.
The project involved migration of 1.4 Million lines of COBOL / JCL to java and Unix Shell scripts for one of the largest US Banks.

The clients decision to migrate to Java was driven by their cost benefit analysis, showing translation from Cobol to Java and deployment on cloud has a significant cost benefits.

It took approximately one month for WIPRO, the bank's System Integrator, to translate 1.4 mill lines of COBOL to Java using SoftwareMining toolkit. An additional 4 months has been allocated to testing phase.

All the work was performed at client site - and at no stage any code was sent offsite.

2015 Nov

HCL Technologies becomes a SoftwareMining COBOL to Java Conversion partner

HCL Technologies has demonstrated remarkable growth through the recent economic downturn, emerging as one of only eight 21st century listed technology companies in the world to cross $1bn in Net Profit, $6bn in Revenue and $15bn in Market Capitalization.

The teaming agreement with SoftwareMining allows HCL to bring state of the art COBOL migration services to their many clients.

2015 Oct

NTTData Selects SoftwareMining COBOL to Java Conversion Tools

NTT Data with Headquarters in Tokyo and with business operations in more than 40 countries, provides a premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing.

When one of NTT-Data's client's required the conversion of their COBOL code to Java, NTT reached out to SoftwareMining.
The project was being performed by NTT Data's resources - using SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter. The initial project is focusing on migration of an IBM Z/OS and IBM AS400 (ISeries) applications.

2015 Feb

Texas Dept of Family Protective Services - java translation of COBOL application goes live

Texas Department of Family Protective Services.
This was a COBOL application communicating with a Relational database via Embedded SQL. The application was translated to Java using SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter. Testing and Deployment was performed by MCorp - a Systems Integrator specializing in legacy modernization.

2014 March

M-Corp selects SoftwareMining tools translation of Government Health application

MCorp specializes in Legacy and Analytics. With over 100 projects completed successfully on time and budget, MCorp has developed a set of best practices to make sure our work excels.
These best practices now incorporate the use of SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter. The particular code base under translation is a government Health Application comprising of a number of large COBOL/ESQL programs.
Whilst the COBOL code is translated to Java, ESQL are translated from COBOL to Java dialect.

2013 July

SoftwareMining tools selected for migration of Fairfax County IBM/CICS COBOL to Java/Oracle

SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter is used to move county's IBM COBOL/CICS to Java/Oracle. The project is split into two phases. In first phase the focuses on migration of ONLINE part of code (COBOL CICS & BMS). The batch application (COBOL + VSAM) files are migrated in second phase.
One of the main requirements was seamless migration of VSAM KSDS files to Oracle databases. This activity has been achieved quickly, automatically and much more efficiently than rehosting type projects where it would have involved manual replacement of CICS and VSAM API to Embedded SQL.
The onsite parts of project will be performed by IAI ([OTC BB: IAIC) and ARK Solutions

2012 July

French Social Security office uses SoftwareMining for Migration of COBOL to Java

Translation of parts COBOL code for 'Régime Special des Independants' (RSI) - part of French Social Security. In this project the System Integrator part of BULL will integrate the translated code in its SIPRESS application for RSI The original application is written for BULL COBOL. The migration to java allows integration of the application with other Java components already provided by BULL. SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter was used for this migration.

2012 January

Unisys's C# version of URBIS application completes Testing phase, and ready for production

With 138-year history, Unisys is one of the oldest US / Global computer companies. In 2011 Unisys decided to migrate the COBOL part of their URBIS banking application to C#. Having already performed a thorough review of marketplace, Unisys opted for SoftwareMining's COBOL to C#/.NET Converter. Unisys's Urbis application is a fully integrated, windows-based international banking system designed to support all of a bank's international business including treasury, customer accounts, lending, derivatives and securities. Part of the system was originally implemented in COBOL.
The translation of URBIS Application to C# offered the following advantages to UNISYS:

2012 Feb

Transunion successfully completes migration of Tandem COBOL Credit Card Application to Java using SoftwareMining COBOL to Java Converter

TransUnion is a global leader in credit information and information management services. Transunion's dedicated associates provide solutions to approximately 45,000 businesses and approximately 500 million consumers worldwide. Part of Transunion's Credit Card processing application was written on Tandem COBOL and communicates with INFORMIX Database. After reviewing the COBOL to Java tools vendors - Transunion decided to use SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter provided the best means of moving away from this environment.
The translation of this Application to Java offered the following additional advantages to Transunion:

2011 June

Unisys Awards COBOL to C# migration of URBIS Banking to SoftwareMining

With 138-year history, Unisys is one of the oldest US / Global computer companies. In 2011 Unisys decided to migrate the COBOL part of their URBIS banking application to C#. Having already performed a thorough review of COBOL Migration tools, Unisys approached SoftwareMining to migrate the COBOL code to C#. Unisys's Urbis application is a fully integrated, windows-based international banking system designed to support all of a bank's international business including treasury, customer accounts, lending, derivatives and securities. Part of the system was originally implemented in COBOL.
The translation of URBIS Application to C# offered the following advantages to UNISYS:

2012 Jan

CGI selects SoftwareMining tools for migration of 3 COBOL applications to Java

CGI is one of the large US System Integrators with 31,000 professionals in 125 offices worldwide. CGI has their own set of COBOL applications providing a variety of services to their Clients. Such clients are gradually migrating their other systems to Java, and anticipate closer integration of their Java systems with those provided by CGI.
SoftwareMining translation system was selected after a vendor review process lasting over 1 year.
The translation of these systems to java offered the additional advantages to CGI:

2011 April

Unit Trust Corporation Selects SoftwareMining for I-Series (AS400) COBOL to java Migration

This is an ILE COBOL Application with communicating with a DB400 database which is also run on i-Series. The target architecture is to replace all the COBOL applications with Object Oriented Java code, which continues to run on the same I-Series boxes and continues to access the same DB400 database.
This strategy will allow retraining of the legacy resources in new languages, as well as the use of other Java resources in the organization to continue maintaining and enhancing the existing system.

2011 Jan

Schober Successfully completes migration of Legacy COBOL Application to Java

Schober, a leading provider of direct-mail processing solutions, implemented modernization of their legacy system within weeks using SoftwareMining’s COBOL to Java Converter. Operational concerns regarding on-going mainframe support costs and maintainability of the current COBOL development environment, lead the management team to consider alterative solutions in SoftwareMining.

Click here for read full article.

2010 Nov

Government Technology Mag. Showcases use of SoftwareMining technologies for modernization of Government Project

The article uses the success of "Tax office Modernization at State of Maine" to set out a modernization path UK government organizations, and assess the feasibility of migrating critical government applications to modern platforms.

Click here for read article.

2010 May

State of Maine Revenue Services Modernizes Tax System and reduces IT costs with SoftwareMining

COBOL to Java migration of State of Maine Tax system completes testing phase and goes live. Maine Revenue Services estimated COBOL to Java migration using SoftwareMining Converter reduced project costs by 70% compared to purchasing a replacement system. In addition, because the system was transformed as opposed to replaced, training and training costs were virtually eliminated, saving even more.

In 2002, the state of Maine started evaluating how it could provide better service to Maine taxpayers and reduce the overall cost of IT. The existing tax system, known as MATS (Maine Automated Tax System), was good and had many customizations, but it was showing its age.

Click here for read article.

2010 April

COBOL to Java transformation now supported on IBM z/OS and System Z

SoftwareMining announces the availability of COBOL to Java Converter for IBM z/OS and System z using JDK 1.4.2 to 1.6. Customers wishing to move from COBOL to Java now have the option of remaining on the mainframe platform.

Running Java on System z can significantly reduce the costs of running Java -oriented applications using the Application Assist Processor (zAAP). For Java workloads, zAAPs may enable customers to:

Click here for read article.

2009 June

Computer Weekly Magazine

The Diminishing Cobol skills – there is an alternative . It was recently reported that the government of California was having trouble implementing spending cuts because of a lack of skilled Cobol programmers. The state wanted to cut wages, but its payroll system is written in Cobol and the lack of Cobol resources made it difficult to effect the programming changes required ...

The article goes on to discuss benefits of modernization thru SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java & c#/.NET Converter.


2008 May US Tax Office - Translated Java Application goes live

A US Tax office COBOL application has been translated to Java, tested and gone live. SoftwareMining technology was used for the translation of the Tax office's COBOL application to Java. The work was undertaken by Revenue Solutions Inc, a Systems Integrator specializing in Tax systems.

The Project Manager at Revenue Solutions said:

In 16 years of implementing complex tax systems, the MERITS project has been by far the most successful implementation to date. The translation of the COBOL code to JAVA using SoftwareMining's translation software was a tremendous success. RSI is an advocate of reengineering legacy systems that meet the majority of the user community's business needs, rather than recommending the wholesale replacement of a working system. Our experience of working with SoftwareMining reconfirmed our view that reengineering enables a business or government agency to reap the benefits of modern technology without the significant risk and cost associated with wholesale replacement


2008 May COBOL to Java Modernization project is successfully completed for North American Bank

This division of the Bank has no longer any dependencies on legacy COBOL applications or mainframes. The project was completed within time and budget. The technical lead in charge of project said:

We give Software Mining 10 out of 10 for the conversion and support we received

2008 April The april 2008 edition of the quarterly magazine Windows in Financial Services has published a report on Mainframe Modernization.

The article showcases SoftwareMining as the only company offering viable COBOL to Java / C# translation tools, and a true path to migration away from COBOL.

The full article and and introduction by Microsoft's Spyros Sakellariadis can be found at .


2007 October Financial Group uses SoftwareMining for Translation of IBM COBOL Code to Java.

The SoftwareMining's high quality of generated java code, and its ease of Maintenance has lead to SoftwareMining's selection in this project. The new Java Application will be deployed on MS Windows/Intel platform, leading to a decommissioning of the Mainframe hardware.


2007 August SoftwareMining has released version 7.4 of its CORECT Legacy Transformation Toolkit.

This new release of CORECT produces even higher quality code than previously available as it adheres to Javabean standards. Support for additional dialects of COBOL has also been added, bringing the total number of supported dialects to 8.

Cyrus Montakab, SoftwareMining's CTO said, “It's great to be able to release this new version. The generated code quality is higher than ever, conforms to even more industry standards and covers yet more COBOL dialects. I am confident that this release makes our products even more competitive and keeps us in an industry-leading position”.

Jan 2007 US State chooses SoftwareMining transformation tools for 2 year project.

SoftwareMining is delighted to announce that it has been selected as tools vendor for the Revenue Division of a US state. A specialist taxation systems integrator in the USA will use SoftwareMining's CORECT toolkit to convert in excess of one million lines of COBOL into Java/J2EE, thus enabling the client to shed its dependencies on its mainframe technology and COBOL support resources. The project is to be implemented in low-risk, managed steps and will be completed in 2008. Tim Hill, Sales & Marketing Director of SoftwareMining said, “This is a great win for us in a highly competitive situation. We were chosen because of the exceptionally high quality of our generated code and the usability of the tools, together with our strong partnership with a specialist SI who will work very closely with the client”.

2007 Jan Financial Times - Digital Business / SoftwareMining Interview

Today's Financial Times published a Special Report on "Business Problems with Old Code" (page 6 - FT Digital Business Section). This lengthy article focuses on the imminent reduction in Legacy resources, reporting that, according to Gartner Group, by 2007 approx 50% of those with mainframe skills will be eligible for retirement.
The article is available on-line from: Programs written in old code pose business problems

The Financial Times also dedicates a section to SoftwareMining on the same page, and conducts interviews with Tim Hill - Sales & Marketing Director and Dr Cyrus Montakab , founder and Technical Director.
The article is available on-line at: Case study: Cobol to Java 'transformer' comes into its own

2005 November: Perot Systems identifies SoftwareMining as Best Quality COBOL to Java Conversion Company

SoftwareMining's Transformation technology has been pin-pointed by Perot Systems as offering the BEST QUALITY of transformation, generating a highly maintainable code. The objective review which was done on behalf of a major credit card company, is been used in proposals for rapid COBOL to Java modernisation of the client code.


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