Class ExportDbTableToSequentialFile


public class ExportDbTableToSequentialFile extends Object
This class provides equivalent functionality to JCL's IDCAMS command, It will generate a sequential (or line sequential) file for a VSAM KSDS structures which have already been translated to an Object-Relational class (ie subclasses of SQLWrapper, CICSPersistence, ILEPersistence ... .

   java com.softwaremining.jcl.ExportDbTableToSequentialFile fully.qualified.classname target-output [optional] record-delimiters Table-Name"
  fully.qualified.classname  : name of a Object-Relational class e.g. com.softwaremining.persistence.Clients
output-filename or directory : - e.g c:/temp/file1.txt or c:/temp/ (when only a dir name is provided, the system will use default filename for the Persistent class)
[Optional] record-delimiters : e.g. \\n or BLANK (for SequentialFiles). Enter \\n (or \\r\\n) for Line-Sequential, enter BLANK or leave blank for sequential files
[Optional] TABLE-Name (record-delimitor must be specified if table-name is also specified)
  • Constructor Details

    • ExportDbTableToSequentialFile

      public ExportDbTableToSequentialFile()
  • Method Details

    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      main entry point
    • generateSequentialFromDbTable

      public static int generateSequentialFromDbTable(ISQLWrapper persistentFile, String directory, String crLF)